Pico Veterinary Hospital

In-House Pet Laboratory

Learn more about Pico Veterinary Hospital‘s Pet In-house Pet Laboratory below!

Pico Veterinary Hospital of San Clemente In-House Pet Laboratory

We have full diagnostic capabilities at Pico Veterinary Clinic, including Blood Analysis, X-rays, Ultrasound and more. Our in house lab allows for quick diagnosis, often within the same visit which saves our clients time and helps to get our furry friends the treatment they need.

Laboratory testing is a valuable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. As we continually strive to offer the highest-quality medicine, we are proud to include in-house diagnostic laboratory services as a means of providing excellent care to our patients. Although many important diagnostic tests can only be performed by outside laboratories, other tests can be performed in-house. Having access to accurate in-house diagnostic test results can help our veterinary care team serve your pets’ needs by expanding the testing options available to all our patients. Have questions about the diagnostic testing services we offer? Ask one of our skilled professionals how our laboratory services can benefit your beloved pet.