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Pet Labs and Diagnostics

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Pico Veterinary Hospital Pet Labs and Diagnostics

Veterinary labwork and diagnostics are essential tools that enable our veterinarians to accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions found in pets.

In-House Tests

Emergency Bloodwork

Our veterinary clinic is well-equipped to handle emergency cases, offering in-house blood work panels for rapid and critical diagnostic information. This allows us to provide timely and life-saving treatments to pets in urgent need of care.

Heartworm and Parvo Testing

We provide comprehensive care for pets by offering heartworm and parvo tests, ensuring early detection and prevention of these serious diseases. These tests are a crucial part of our commitment to keeping pets healthy and happy.

Outside Referral Labs

Full Comprehensive Bloodwork

We provide an in-depth look at your pet’s overall health by offering full comprehensive blood work, which also aids in early disease detection. Full blood work checks red blood cell, white blood cell, liver, kidney and thyroid function to make sure they are within normal range. Also, we provide pre-anesthetic blood work, which includes red blood cell, white blood cell, liver, Kidney and clotting factor to make sure patient is a good candidate to go under anesthesia.

Fecal Testing

We offer fecal testing as a routine part of our preventive care services, helping us detect and treat common intestinal parasites in pets before they become a significant health issue. Regular fecal testing is a vital component of our commitment to keeping your pets in the best possible health.

Urine Culture

We provide urine culture testing to pinpoint the precise cause of urinary tract infections in pets, allowing for targeted and effective treatment plans. This allows us to ensure that your pets receive the most appropriate care, promoting their swift recovery and well-being.

Drug Monitoring

We are dedicated to the well-being of your pets and offer comprehensive drug monitoring services for medications like phenobarbital and thyroid hormones. This ensures that your furry friends receive the right dosage to manage their conditions effectively, keeping them in optimal health.