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Pet Microchip

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Pico Veterinary Hospital of San Clemente Pet Microchip

At Pico Veterinary clinic we understand the fear and anxiety caused by the thought of your pet being lost or separated from their family, which is why we offer state of the art micro-chipping services for dogs, cats and exotic pets.


Microchipping is a safe, simple and permanent form of pet identification designed to quickly identify lost pets and reunite them with their owners. Millions of pets are lost each year. One out every three pets is lost during its lifetime and only 10 percent are found. Microchipping your pet is a safe and effective method for permanent identification and can assist greatly with recovering your pet in the unfortunate event that they are lost or stolen. A microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice. It contains a unique code capable of being read by any standard scanner. Microchip implantation just takes seconds, is relatively painless and is recommended for dogs and cats. The microchip is placed under the pet’s skin in between the shoulder blades. Follow this link to lookup pet microchip numbers.