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Pet Skin & Ear Infection

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Pico Veterinary Hospital of San Clemente Pet Skin & Ear Infection

We have a full range of diagnostic tools and years of expertise in diagnosing and treating ear infections, skin allergies, parasite infestation and other dermatological issues.

Our veterinary team at Pico Veterinary Clinic is broadly experienced with diagnosing and treating all manners of skin conditions or ear infections. Struggling through the day scratching and head shaking is no fun for pets or their owners, and we want to help get your furry friends back to comfort as quickly as possible. A dog ear infection is one of the most commonly diagnosed problems treated at veterinary clinics. Does your dog have itchy ears? Scratch and shake his head? If you encounter any of these symptoms, your dog may be suffering from an irritating ear infection in dogs that can be treated easily with the proper medication.