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Pet Wellness & Vaccines

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Pico Veterinary Hospital Pet Wellness and Vaccines

Wellness exams and vaccines play a vital role in safeguarding a pet’s health by providing early detection and protection against diseases, ensuring a longer and happier life for our furry companions.

Pet Wellness

Wellness Exams

Regular pet wellness exams are essential for monitoring your pet’s overall health and detecting potential issues before they become serious. These comprehensive check-ups encompass physical examinations, vaccinations, and discussions about preventive care, promoting a happier and healthier life for your beloved companion.

Annual Wellness Visits

Annual wellness exams for your pet are crucial because they allow veterinarians to detect early signs of illness or underlying health issues that may not be evident to pet owners. These proactive check-ups not only help ensure your pet’s well-being but can also lead to more effective and less costly treatments when problems are identified and addressed promptly.

Pet Vaccinations


Pet vaccines are vital in safeguarding the health of our animal companions by stimulating their immune systems to defend against specific diseases. These vaccinations not only protect individual pets from serious and potentially fatal illnesses but also contribute to the overall reduction of disease transmission within the pet population. It is important to ensure your pet remains protected and can lead a long, healthy life.